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One woman’s experience

One woman’s experience…or two…. or three….and hopefully many more to come!

We will be adding our own stories here, and hope that others will join in, so that we can help anyone who is looking into the options (or knows someone who is going through this process) to know about the existence of this alternative to undergoing external radiotherapy.

We strongly believe that people should be aware of ALL the options, and IORT (IntraOperative RadioTherapy) means that you can have the treatment as part of your operation, rather than undergoing weeks of trips to have radiotherapy sessions.

You may not have been made aware of this alternative, although it’s been around for some years, because it’s not yet available as a matter of course. But you should ask your breast care consultant about it, to see if you would qualify for it. Over 20,000 women a year could benefit from it – and you, or someone you know, may be one of them.

The 3 of us who have started this website feel very lucky to have found this alternative, and want to help others to hear and understand what it’s about, and why it’s such an important development.

The consultants we’ve come into contact with, who are taking part in enabling this treatment, are all dedicated professionals who really care about their patients and what they are going through. They have spent so much time enabling the treatment to be available in the first place, and we are so grateful.

Do join us and learn more about it.