Targeted Intra-Operative RadioTherapy (TARGIT-IORT)

A one-shot breast cancer treatment that is safer, accurate, gentle and effective

Developed in the UK in 1998, and tested on nearly 3500 patients in the TARGIT-A trial, this treatment has been shown to be safe and effective. Over 20,000 women have been treated worldwide at 250 centres in 35 countries.

Accurate and Safer

TARGIT-IORT is given during the breast cancer surgery (lumpectomy), and because it is precisely focused where needed, spares other organs such as heart and lungs from unnecessary radiation.

“Fewer patients who receive focussed radiation such as TARGIT-IORT die from heart attacks and other cancers”

Prof Jeffrey Tobias, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Radiation Oncology, University College Hospital, London


Receiving the radiotherapy as “one-shot” as part of a lumpectomy operation means that patients don’t have to bear the inconvenience, time and costs associated with numerous trips to a radiotherapy centre.

The use of single dose IORT can spare the patient hundreds of hours of travelling”

Mr Nathan Coombs. Consultant Surgeon, Great Western Hospital, Swindon

“I was able to go home on the day of surgery and have never felt better, knowing I needed no further breast cancer treatment”

Mrs Jennifer Sexton, Wiltshire

Note that in about 15% to 20% of patients who receive TARGIT-IORT, an additional course of radiotherapy will be recommended if their cancer is found to be worse than expected. This means TARGIT-IORT can be adapted to an individual patient’s need.